Myrtle Glen Farm is a 27 acre organic farm and Bed & Breakfast nestled in the foothills of the southern Oregon coast range mountains. Our farm includes lush pastureland with goats and alpacas, a 100 year-old conifer forest, and a clean and clear mountain creek running the length of the property.   The farmhouse is surrounded by a productive orchard, sprawling flower beds, and hand-tended veggie gardens, producing enough food to feed organic farm-to-table meals to hundreds of visitors each year. Due to Covid, this year we are selling fresh vegetables, fruit, and mushrooms to the local community through Weekly Farm Boxes. Additionally, we sell artisan handcrafted tea blends much of which grown on the farm or sustainably foraged in our region. To see what we offer, see our online store.  The farm is host to volunteers during our growing season where we trade homesteading education, room, and board, for the help necessary to run the farm and complete farm projects.  A place close to nature, of serenity and beauty, this is the ideal retreat or inspirational getaway far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and busy highways.

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