To order, please contact us at If you are local, you can either pick up at farm or schedule a drop off. We can ship non-perishable products and will let you know of the shipping costs for your order.


Preserved (all organic)


Herbal Tea Blend  – ½ ounce for $8


a light herbal blend of relaxing herbs that are either organically grown or foraged by Myrtle Glen Farm. all herbs are relaxing and wonderful for calming tension at the end of the day or just before bed. herbs include mint, rose petals, lavender, yarrow, calendula, lemon verbena, and hops. a top seller. makes 6-8 cups. Contains no caffeine. steep for 10-15 minutes.


Caramelized Garlic Confit – ½ pint for $9


a delectable treat for those of us who love roasted garlic and savory treats. around 4 bulbs in a 1/2 pint! and with extra garlic olive oil to use for cooking. wonderful spread on bread, combined cheese and meat, used in sauces, eggs, or lovely just on its own.


Habanero Kiwi Jam – 1/2 pint for $6

a vibrant green jam made with kiwis and with a subtle habanero kick at the end. kiwis naturally contain high amounts of vitamin c to help you get through seasonal sickness. great on toast, a unique sandwich addition, or pairing with pork.

ingredients: myrtle glen farm kiwi, sugar, lemon, myrtle glen farm habanero, no added pectin.


Habanero Kiwi Puree for Cocktail Mixer (spicier) – 1/2 pint for $6, pint for $10

a not-so-sweet but more spicy kiwi puree for a delicious cocktail of your choosing. great with tequila (a neat take on a margarita), or rum and mint, coconut cream, or whisky for that matter. could be a base for a killer salsa too, sweet unique hot sauce, or chutney pairing with pork

ingredients: myrtle glen farm kiwi, sugar, lemon, myrtle glen farm habanero and jalapeño.


Blackberry Bay Jam – 1/2 pint for $6, pint for $10

Coming soon

made with our very own myrtle bay leaf and foraged blackberries. Subtle balsamic and herbal flavor. great with cheese, sourdough, meat, etc.


Sun-Dried Tomatoes – 1 Ounce Bag for $8

so delicious. for those that love the natural sweet and savory of tomatoes. heavenly when reconstituted with olive oil.


Smoky-Spicy Ketchup – $6 for a pint

farm made ketchup with our very own tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and hot sauce. such a good condiment for potatoes or good bloody mary base mix.



Fermented (all organic)


Fermented Hot Sauce – $5/bottle

a zesty blend of our farm grown spicy peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and coriander. should be refrigerated as the sauce in fermented and living. probiotic. a favorite for the adventurous.


Garlic Ginger Sauerkraut – $6 for 1/2 pint

a fermented sauerkraut with all the seasonings of kimchi. think of a subtle balance between kimchi and sauerkraut. available in green cabbage or red cabbage. should be refrigerated as the sauce in fermented and living.

ingredients: myrtle glen farm cabbage, onion, chives, garlic, ginger, various red peppers, soy sauce, salt.


Fresh (all organically grown)


Weekly Farm Box – $25 per week

this farm box will include everything we have available on the farm ranging from fresh veggies, fruit, and value added products like canned goods, sauerkraut, and tea. this is not a CSA box that includes a wide range of variety. this year, we did not prepare the garden for a CSA which takes a lot of extra planning, but this farm box is meant to supplement you with what we have available and fresh growing on our farm or made by us. in the winter to spring, the box might be more limited however in the summer will be more varied. You can order each week and will be able to drop off in Coquille and Coos Bay.

Spring Boxes could potentially include garlic, leeks, swiss chard, kale, salad greens, celeriac, beets, carrots, turnips, winter squash, potatoes, purple baby broccoli, herbs, micro greens, eggs, goat milk, apples, foraged greens like nettles or fiddleheads, specialty dried mushrooms, specialty dried beans, canned items, ferments, etc. Truly is the best value of the farm product list.

Baby Purple Broccoli- $4/bunch

(not for bulk orders)



Leeks – $4/bundle

Bear Necessities Frilly Kale (Great for salads) – $3.50/bunch


White Russian Kale – $3.50/bunch



Purple Russian Kale – $3.50/bunch



Madelay Kale  – $3.50/bunch



Russian Frills Kale – $3.50/bunch


Large Garlic Braids – $30/braid

made with our own organic farm garlic but with our largest bulbs. lasts longer than individual bulbs and beautiful edible decoration for your house kitchen

IMG_0915 (1)

(flowers not included)


Garlic – $6/lb (discounted due to sprouting, but still tastes the same)


Winter Squash: Hubbard or Lower Salmon River – $3/lb

Blue Hubbard - Organic Hubbard Squash Seed | Johnny's Selected Seeds


Lower Salmon River Winter Squash - Organic Seed - Adaptive Seeds

Lower Salmon River

for those who want to make larger batches of soups, bread, canned products, or are serving many. inquire about smaller hubbard squash or cut up portions.


Foraged Nettles – $4/bunch


Foraged Fiddleheads – $4/carton


Fresh Herbs (all $2.50/bundle)
Garlic Chives


Spring Bouquet – $5

IMG_2601   IMG_2604