Preserving food and drink through fermentation is an ancient tried and true tradition and a necessary source of knowledge for both homesteaders and those wishing to being more food independent.  From bread, to beer, to jun, to kombucha, to cider, to melomel, to lacto-fermented veggies like kraut and kimchi, Myrtle Glen Farm always has multiple ferments occurring at any one time.

Fermenation! is a 6-hour per day workshop that can be booked as either a single day or multi-day event.  Multi-day workshops are recommended as you’ll be able to explore the gamut of fermentation and begin to see results before leaving the farm.  Single day workshops will focus on one or two types of fermentation depending on the time of year, so you may choose what best suits your needs.

These are intensive workshops where Micha and Dan will both engage attendees and there will be no more than four attendees total.  Each day of the workshop will include a farm-to-table lunch with foods grown fresh from our garden and/or foraged from our surroundings.

If you’ve already booked your reservation and meals at the farm, or you do not plan to stay overnight at the farm, you may choose to book any of our experiences as an “A La Carte” option.  If you’ve already booked through Airbnb and are interested in booking a guided experience, please contact us to check for availability.  Book in groups of four to save.

Our farm-stay package includes a two night stay in our farm-house with two farm-fresh gourmet breakfasts and two garden-to-table dinners produced from our own hand-crafted foods and alcohols.  All ingredients in meals that are not grown or foraged from Myrtle Glen Farm, are sourced locally from organic and/or sustainable sources.  If you’re interested in booking a single day or multi-day package, please contact us to check for availability.

A la Carte (per day)

  • Single Person – $330
  • Two People – $340
  • Three People – $370
  • Four People – $380

Farm-Stay Package

  • Single Person (one room) – $545
  • Two People (one room) – $640
  • Two People (two rooms) – $770
  • Three People (two rooms) – $865
  • Four People (two rooms) – $970

Add an additional day to the workshop, a night’s stay, and meals…

  • Single Person (one room) + $450/day extra
  • Two People (one room) + $515/day extra
  • Two People (two rooms) + $580/day extra
  • Three People (two rooms) + $655/day extra
  • Four People (two rooms) + $740/day extra