Forest Photography


Forest Photography is an experience we offer to visitors where we coalesce on beautiful forests surrounding the farm and hone photography skills.  Before we began farming, we were award winning fine art photographers specializing in capturing Oregon’s unique beauty.  Our photography has been featured with environmental groups around Oregon like Oregon Wild and Beyond Toxics.

Whether you’re a beginner with the camera or a seasoned photographer, we can help teach techniques to maximize your skills and put you in situations to capture the beauty of your surroundings.  If your camera consists of a simple cell phone, a fancy DSLR setup, or a film body, the skills you will learn will allow you to take stunning images.  Even if you do not have a camera, we have professional DSLR cameras and high quality lenses available for you to use.

We will focus on getting to know your camera and it’s potential uses as well as using natural lighting, shutter speed, depth-of-field, and composition to help you create compelling works of art that you can proudly hang on a wall.  Depending on the day and time of season, we may visit the forests within our Middle Creek Watershed, or head out to discover other picturesque watersheds or coastal areas.  The day will include a picnic lunch out in the wilderness, supplied with sustainable foods and beverages made by hand at Myrtle Glen Farm.

If you’ve already booked your reservation and meals at the farm, or you do not plan to stay overnight at the farm, you may choose to book any of our experiences as an “A La Carte” option.  If you’ve already booked through Airbnb and are interested in booking a guided experience, please contact us to check for availability.  Book in groups of four to save.

Our farm-stay package includes a two night stay in our farm-house with two farm-fresh gourmet breakfasts and two garden-to-table dinners produced from our own hand-crafted foods and alcohols.  All ingredients in meals that are not grown or foraged from Myrtle Glen Farm, are sourced locally from organic and/or sustainable sources.  If you’re interested in booking a package, please contact us to check for availability.

A la Carte

  • Single Person – $330
  • Two People – $340
  • Three People – $370
  • Four People – $380

Farm-Stay Package

  • Single Person (one room) – $545
  • Two People (one room) – $640
  • Two People (two rooms) – $770
  • Three People (two rooms) – $865
  • Four People (two rooms) – $970