The dance/workout studio.

Starting in 1994, I began to build a project recording studio into the original building below the new dance/workout space. I wired every room with microphone jacks to the “control room”..12 from the upstairs space, where the natural “gate” from the shape and surfaces of the room create an amazing “live” ambiance. This room is also equipped with a closed circuit tv camera so the engineer can interact with the musicians. There is a “drum room” where we track the heartbeat of a band before we layer on the guitars and whatever else. A sound engineered vocal room(padded..with angled windows)creates a perfectly “dry” sound..where the mix-down can add whatever effect is desired from a great selection of special effects gear. We have an array of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG and other professional microphones and all rooms are “XLR” plugged to the Studiomaster 16/24 board in the control booth..where the project can be tracked to ADAT, DAT, CD, cassette, or Mackie 96 digital format..then mixed down via Vegas or Pro-tools. All rooms are headphone jacked as well. There is a full 88 key Alesis keyboard/ synthesizer for the pianist. The rooms are small and effecient…and there is a deck in the shade above the river for breaks. I would be willing to sell the already established and known studio business with the place.

Of course the upstairs room is currently kept available for yoga, dance and working out to music on the surround system.

Spring gardening below the studio.
The space...
Another view...
Studio building in location context..tallest roofline.
Recording studio entrance.
The control booth in the studio.
An annual grade school music program fundraiser recording event!
In the vocal booth.
A session room.