Mid-summer color
Mid-summer color

Completely around the house are rock-bordered “cottage” flower gardens. The border walls have been built with a cement foundation upon which many beautiful rocks have been mortared in order to provide an esthetically pleasing border to hold the carefully prepared soil in, and the unwanted weeds and grass out. These walls meander in a curved fashion to soften the architecture, and are dived into sections between the stone walks and stone/brick  patios and steps that also follow around the home. These perennial flower garden beds have for many years been refined and arranged to bloom from early spring to late fall…with an ever-changing palette of color and shape. Daffodils, narcisuss, hyacinth, irises, daylillies, columbines, roses, poppies, lillies, anemones, penstemons, hollyhocks, and geraniums only name about half of what bloom here every year..many rhododendrons, azaleas, viburnums and other taller bushes stand above..many of the flowers here also have great fragrance. Many of the plants are from old homesteads in the area, and carry a history from the first white settlers of this region..mostly the women brought many hierlooms from back east. There are also quite a few native plants mixed into the arrangements.

Back garden in spring..
Primrose and Lychnis play
The summer “kitchen” garden.
From the hot-tub toward the lath-house.
Across the front.
Along a walk..
Thyme climbs..over the patio wall.
Cacophony of color..
Spring bulbs
Frequent visitors..
Face first in the sweetness of the day!