The beautiful creek

Right through the center of the land, north to south, runs the middle fork of the north fork of the Coquille River.  There is an 8′ deep swimming hole on the property, and beautiful long walks among the trees of the old established riparian..along the smooth stone and gravel bottom of this clear, clean watercourse. Trout, and crayfish abound, as well as many waterfowl, Kingfishers, and occasional Bald Eagle.  Frogs, turtles and even the Pacific Lamprey eel make this creek their home, and the Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Steelhead come back each year to spawn in the choice gravels of this protected habitat. The gardens and orchard draw water from this creek in the summer, and even the house is plumbed to use that system should the spring falter at the end of a very hot summer.

The swimming hole
Just upstream
Summer serenity
A few miles upstream into the mountains
Warm wading