Organically grown and sooo good..

Covering  almost an acre to the direct east of the house..on a gradual uphill slope..there are 32 fruit trees.  Plums, cherries, figs, pears and apples, of various ages(10-30 yrs)..they are a mix of “standard”, and “semi-dwarf”. The apples produce over a ton every good season, and on a good year we get an easy 600 lbs.+ of sweet Bartlett pears. The Asian pear varieties are heavy producers also. We have for many years dried, juiced, canned and frozen enough fruit to easily carry us through the year eating our own. The newly constructed “cave” will serve as cold storage for those varieties that hold well fresh. These trees have been carefully chosen to suit the climate, and tended with love and care. They are irrigated and mulched through the dry hot season, and pruned every winter. Many amendments have been added to the orchard over the years..including crushed oyster these are happy farm family members, and produce bountifully to show their gratitude.

A fully loaded Liberty apple
One of the younger Bartlett pears.
Coos River Beauty apple
A Liberty apple in bloom.