West pasture and driveway.
On the house side, or east side, of the river is about 7 acres of gradually sloping south and westward pasture. Bordered by timber, and a river riparian, and blending on it’s north into the gardens, it is the main view from the front of the residence. The soil is a rich deep clayof alluvial mix from the mountain rising on it’s east. Sub-layers(10′ to 15′ down) are sandstone and shale, and they provide a very nice drainage. The established orchard has enjoyed this footing, and apples and pears have produced reliable crops. What few grapes I have planted have done very well here also..and the wine producers group in this region gave it a big two thumbs up when they walked the property with me. .saying it would be ideal for wine grapes. Because the valley is oriented north to south it gets a full solar advantage that takes summer temps commonly into the 90’s..and the gradual drainage of air mass to keep too much moisture from settling over cool nights.
The westside pasture also has tremendous possibilities for grapes..and a seperate well for irrigation. For many years I have been planting it’s borders with a mixture of  Sequoia Redwood, Coast Redwood, Douglas Fir, White Fir, Hemlock, Coast Pine, Sitka Spruce, as well as a mix of hardwoods including Myrtle, Broad-leaf Maple, Alder and wild fruits.  My intention has been to privatize the open pasture from the road, and to ensure beauty when the timber company to the north decides to harvest their land. The trees I have planted along that north side are plenty adequate in density and height now to achieve that result, and the ones along the road are well on their way.
The 11 plus acres of pasture on this side are a separate tax lot..with the access to the east side through it.
Looking east across west and barn are behind front treeline.
Looking from front door down east woodlot and timber.
Main barn.
Looking north over the garden and orchard from east pasture.
Winter on the east pasture.