Old growth timber.

The Middle Creek, or Burnt Mountian access road heads on up to the crest of the coast range and on over to the Flournoy Valley and Roseburg after it passes by the farm. Paved the entire way, it is one of a number of road projects accomplished by a joint venture between the federal government’s Dept. of Interior and Dept. of Defense to connect the interior valley of the state, and the coast. Mostly used to move the Coast Range forests out on trucks to the mills, it also provides an easy access to those that want to see and experience what giant trees still are left in various patches in these beautiful mountains.  Just a couple miles up the road from here they begin, and within 20 miles you can spend a day easily just wandering about in several different large RNA’s (research natural areas) that contain these remnants of what once stretched for many hundreds of miles both north and south through the range. There are incredible cliffs and rock faces, breathtaking waterfalls, and  miles of lush northern jungle to hike and play in. Elk, bear, mountain lion, deer, beaver, and bobcat can still be seen well as many different songbirds, owls, hawks and eagles.



Up the East Fork of the Coquille.


Among the Old Ones


Mist-erious mountains


Untouched for thousands of years...