The gang in July of 2009
July of 2010

Starting in April of 2009, Myrtle Glen was opened up to volunteers from the WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) organization to come and share this land and learn in trade for room and board.  Continuing through this farming season of 2010, people from all around the world who are interested in organic farming, gardening and sustainable living have played their part in contributing to the development of Myrtle Glen. We have cleared land, expanded and grown amazing vegetable gardens, cared for and shared in the bounty of a beautiful orchard, established, raised, and milked our own goat herd. We’ve built, and are currently using, a food cold storage/wine cave that is an incredible piece of ceramic mosaic art.  Wwoofers have learned all phases of gardening..from starting seedlings in a greenhouse, to planting and watering, and on to canning, blanch/freezing, drying and pressing the harvest…oh yeah…with plenty of weeding, mowing and compost building in between! We have made wine, beer and hard cider, music, and plenty of good life-long memories.

Here are some shots of our memorable moments together over the seasons.