We have flower gardens completely surrounding our house. They are filled with perennials, shrubs, and trees from the previous family as well as our new design and plants. We are currently renovating many of the gardens to include more drought-tolerant perennials as well as edible or medicinal plants to use on the farm. Late spring to summer is the best time to see and smell the full glory of the flower gardens. Our goal is to bring as many native pollinators as possible with these gardens, so we see many bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Our flower gardens include favorites such as purple coneflower, bee balm, California poppy, oriental poppy, torch lily, daylily, allium, sunflower, daffodil, tulip, rose campion, jasmine, azalea, rhododendron,  russian sage, verbena, sunflower, love-in-the-mist, hollyhock, black-eyed susan, rose, rosemary, lavender, oregano, cosmos, zinnia, calendula, and many more!