We currently cultivate a few different mushroom species: King Stropharia (Wine Caps) in alder chip beds, and oysters and shiitakes on alder logs. We installed them at our two workshops in the spring and summer of 2017.

Additionally, we forage for wild mushrooms in the fall including Chanterells, King Boletes, Matsutakes, Hedgehogs, Candy Caps, Black and White Truffles, Winter Chanterelles, and many more! We preserve many of them and incorporate them into our guests meals throughout the year.


As well, we highly value the multiple species of fungi that inhabit our soil and impact the health of the soil and our plants and food. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, symbiotic organisms that penetrate the roots of plants and exchange nutrients and water, are as important to our soil health as microbes. We attempt to create the best conditions for these important fungi to exist and help our soil and plants.