CSA Farm Box Membership Program for 2022

We are only offering 15 spots this 2022 season, so make sure you order now to reserve your spot before they fill up!

Every week, you will receive the freshest of fresh bounty directly from Myrtle Glen Farm, with a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, herbs, and mushrooms, all of which are grown using organic and sustainable practices.

What is the CSA Farm Box Membership Program?

Based on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, the CSA Farm Box program is a produce box that you receive every week from Myrtle Glen Farm. It includes the freshest vegetables, fruit, herbs, mushrooms, and foraged goods that the farm has available at the time. The weekly farm box is ample produce for 2-4 people who like to cook at home. Sometimes two individual friends or co-workers will team up on a CSA share. The variety of what’s included in your box depends on the season, so a weekly share in June might include: strawberries, garlic, kale or leafy greens, lettuce, radish, broccoli, rhubarb, mushrooms and beets/carrots/potatoes. A weekly box in August could include: zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, onions, peppers, berries, carrots, corn, potatoes, and an herb bunch. Farm boxes are often less diverse in June and early July, but more diverse in the late summer and fall when the harvest is at its peak.

How much does it Cost?

A full 24-week share will be $744 due by May 1st, 2022, which averages at $31/box. Here’s the exciting part: the value of what you receive will be higher than what you pay. The value of the farm box averages around $31 per week but changes with the season, so a box in June might be worth near $30, but a box in August might be worth near $50. But, why would you want to pay upfront? The Farm Box Share is a partnership between the grower (us) and the eater (you), fostering resilient relationships and community via fresh food. For many farms including Myrtle Glen Farm, this CSA share payment model is the reason why farms can sustain themselves. Also, we highly prioritize our CSA customers first, which means that you will receive the best of the best as far as produce is concerned, and you will receive specific produce early than most. Additionally, you will always have your spot reserved so that you do not have to compete with the general Coos public, you won’t have to remember to put in an order every week, and most importantly, you pay less overall for each box and receive way more value for the price.  You would be providing consistent guarantee for our farm and financially supporting the farm upfront which is a huge deal when you are a farmer that incurs numerous costs early in the season.

Because this is a membership, there is a partnership agreement that clearly lays out all the information you need about the program. By ordering online you are agreeing that you have read and understand all terms to this partnership agreement.

Example of a Myrtle Glen Farm Box from November 3, 2021

How do you pick up your Farm Box?

Our pickup time and location is currently set to Wednesdays at 12 pm in Coos Bay (at Coos Head Coop). The Coop will hold the farm boxes until Friday, however it is highly recommended that you pick up on Wednesday to retain peak freshness. Each week, we’ll harvest and pack your produce into re-usable totes on the farm and then deliver to Coos Head Coop. You come to the pickup site with your own bag, unpack the contents, and leave the emptied tote at the site. If you are sharing a basket with someone, it’s your responsibility to divvy up the basket with your share partner each week.

If you know that you’ll be out of town, we suggest that you arrange for a friend to pick up your basket, or notify us so we can either hold your share in our cooler at the farm or arrange to donate it. Any unclaimed shares at a pick-up site will be donated after 24 hours.

Why should I sign up for a Weekly Farm Box Program?

The Farm Box program is the most affordable, convenient and guaranteed way to get fresh and local produce directly from Myrtle Glen Farm. We harvest everything at its peak ripeness and highest nutritional content. Members are also always the first in line for our fresh produce, and as a farm box member, you are our first priority every week.

For the farm, this program is our financial backbone. Your financial commitment early in the season helps us afford early costs and provides stability throughout the season. It is truly a partnership between you, the consumer, and us, the farmers. Farm box programs like these create community resilience by supporting our local economy and make our region more sustainable in terms of getting fresh food into the hands of the community.

We are only offering 15 spots this 2022 season, so make sure you reserve your spot before they fill up!

24 week Share Paid in Full


Averages $31 per box due May 1

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